Purchase agreement (annual licence)

kr 3650kr 7300

The operational service agreement is 3.650 NOK for members of ICT-Norway and 7.300 NOK for non-members. VAT not included. 

Also available in norwegian/Også tilgjengelig på norsk.



The purchase agreement is used for the purchase of equipment, right of disposal for software and associated services such as installation and training. It can also be used if the purchase is to include customization of software or equipment. However, this presupposes that the customer can specify in advance exactly what kind of adjustments are to be made, so that the supplier can deliver ready-made software (or equipment).

If the customer wants a comprehensive adaptation that entails a need for a planning phase and comprehensive testing of the adaptation, ICT-Norway’s development agreement should be used. If the purchase only includes standard equipment and software, the supplier’s or ICT-Norway’s standard conditions for purchase can be used.