Agile software development agreement (annual license)

kr 3450kr 6900

The agility software agreement is 3.450 NOK for members of ICT-Norway and 6.900 NOK for non-members.

Also available in norwegian/Også tilgjengelig på norsk



The agility software agreement is used in the development of new software with so-called agile or iterative methodology.

The agreement stipulates that the customer makes an overall requirements specification to which the supplier responds, and that the parties within the framework of the project and the agreed software development-method prepare a detailed delivery plan in advance of each partial delivery.

Flexible methodology means, in short, that the starting point is an overall design, which is emphasized in stages / iterations throughout the development process. Flexible methodology is a common name for system development methods that emphasize flexibility and frequent partial deliveries, as well as close communication between those who develop the system and those who will use it.