Data Processing Agreement (annual licence)

kr 1900kr 3800

The agreement on terms and conditions for purchases is 1.900 NOK for members of ICT-Norway and 3.800 NOK for non-members. VAT not included. 

Also available in norwegian/Også tilgjengelig på norsk.



The purpose of the Data Processing agreement is to regulate rights and obligations pursuant to the Act of 14 April 2000 no. 31 on the processing of personal data (the Personal Data Act) and the regulations of 15 December 2000 no. 1265 (the Personal Data Regulations). The agreement shall ensure that personal information about the registered persons is not used unlawfully or comes into the hands of unjustified persons.

The agreement regulates the data processor’s use of personal data on behalf of the data controller (school or other institution), including collection, registration, compilation, storage, disclosure or combinations thereof.

The purpose of this agreement is to stipulate conditions for the processing of personal data that the data processor performs on behalf of the data controller, and thus fulfill the Personal Data Act’s requirements for a data processor agreement.

The data controller has at all times full control over personal data covered by the agreement.